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Choosing Exterior Paint Colors for Your Phoenix Home: Tips for Beating the Heat

Living in a hot area like Phoenix, Arizona? Colors play a crucial role in how hot or cool your home feels. Choosing the right colors for house painting in Phoenix can make a significant difference in maintaining a comfortable temperature. It might seem daunting, but don’t worry! We’re here to help with some practical tips.

In this blog post, Double D Painting Services shares some simple tips to help you stay cool in the desert heat. Let’s make your Phoenix home comfy and beat the scorching sun together.

Go for Quality Over Price

When selecting paint for your Phoenix home prioritize quality over price. High quality paint lasts longer. Can withstand the heat much better. Although it may be more expensive it is definitely worth the investment. Cheaper paints may not hold up well against the sun leading to repainting. So it’s wise to invest in quality paint for long term savings.

Check the Weather Forecast

Before painting your Phoenix home check the weather forecast. It’s best to choose a time when it’s neither too hot nor rainy. Extreme heat can affect both paint application and drying process negatively. Aim for a day to achieve results, with your painting project. This simple step ensures that your paint job goes smoothly and maintains its longevity.

Consider Your Home’s Style and Neighborhood

Choosing the colors to paint your home is crucial, for maintaining its aesthetics. Consider the style of your home and the surrounding neighborhood when making your selection. Opt for colors that match the vibe of your house and the area as it will create a cohesive and visually appealing look. By doing your home will blend in seamlessly with its surroundings while enhancing its curb appeal.

Don’t Get Caught Up in Trends

When deciding on paint options for your Anthem, Arizona house. While trendy shades may look attractive now they can quickly go out of style. Instead opt for timeless shades that you’ll continue to love in the future. This ensures that your home remains stylish without requiring repainting to keep up with passing trends.


Consider selecting shades that reflect sunlight to prevent heat absorption by your house. White is particularly effective as it reflects an amount of heat making it a wise choice for walls, roofs and even furniture.

Rely on Color Wheel Rules

When choosing paint colors for your Phoenix, Arizona home follow the rules of the color wheel. Colors that are opposite each other on the wheel complement one another and create an visually pleasing effect. Adhering to these guidelines will help you achieve an attractive color scheme, for your abode.

However it’s best to avoid using colors when painting in Peoria, Arizona. Dark shades have a tendency to absorb heat, which can make your living space hotter. This is especially important, for exteriors since dark colors can contribute to increased temperatures.

Test Your Paint Choice


Always conduct a test before making your paint choice. Purchase samples. Apply them to a small area of your home. Observe how they look under lighting conditions throughout the day. This will help house painters in Phoenix avoid any surprises and ensure that you’re satisfied with the color in all situations. By testing you’ll save time and effort in case adjustments need to be made.


Clean The Exterior

Before painting it’s crucial to clean the surface. Remove any dirt, dust and mildew that may have accumulated over time. A clean surface ensures adhesion of the paint and results in a finish. You can use either a pressure washer or a simple detergent solution for this step. By preparing your home through this process you’ll create a canvas for applying a coat of paint and achieve more effective results.


Employ Primer


In both Phoenix and Cave Creek Arizona areas it is recommended to use primer before starting the painting process. Applying primer creates a base for the paint improving its adherence and longevity on surfaces. Additionally it helps achieve a finish overall. Incorporating primer, into your painting routine is a step that enhances durability and ensures high quality results for years to come.

Paint From Top to Bottom

Gradually work your way down to achieve the results. This technique prevents any drips, on areas that have already been painted. Begin with the roof or upper sections then move on to the middle and finally tackle the part. By following this approach you’ll achieve an professional finish for your exterior paint job.


Selecting the paint for your home in Phoenix can be challenging, but these tips can help you navigate through it. If you’re looking for painting services in Glendale, Arizona Double D is an option. Whether it’s commercial painting contracts or residential painting, we’ve got you covered. Our house painting prices in Phoenix are affordable without compromising on quality. We always strive to complete projects on time.


We are a bonded company operating across Scottsdale, Arizona. Our expertise lies in providing exterior painting services for homes and businesses alike. Our team of painters is considered among the best in the state. We prioritize delivering top notch quality work while ensuring our customers satisfaction. For information or inquiries, about our services feel free to contact us.



What color exterior paint keeps the house cool?

Opting for colored paints not only contributes to energy efficiency but also complements the desert landscape beautifully.

Dark shades tend to absorb heat leading to increased energy costs, for cooling as the interior becomes hotter. It is advisable to opt for hues when painting your home in order to create a cooler and more energetic environment.

What color paint reflects heat best?

White is the choice when it comes to paint colors that reflect heat effectively. It can reflect sunlight ensuring that surfaces stay cooler compared to colors that tend to absorb heat. By selecting paint you can help maintain an indoor environment during hot weather conditions.

What colors reduce heat?

Light shades such as white, beige and light gray can reduce heat. These colors reflect sunlight than absorbing it which aids in keeping surfaces and spaces cooler. If you are looking to manage heat levels both indoors and outdoors consider using paints with these shades. Additionally incorporating materials with surfaces can be beneficial as they deflect sunlight away from your home preventing absorption.

What is the best exterior paint for heat?

For surfaces that need protection against temperatures it is recommended to choose paints with reflective properties in lighter shades. These paints effectively reflect sunlight. Prevent surfaces from becoming excessively hot. Look out for paints specifically labeled as “heat reflective” or “sun reflective” for performance, in hot weather conditions. Additionally strategically placing plants and trees around your property can create shade that significantly cools down your home.



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